Why Sales Reps & Managers are switching to Signder


Why sales teams are switching to Signder

Today’s sales reps & sales managers face many obstacles on their way to nurturing a lead and closing a sale. Unlike standalone e-signature solutions, Signder is an easy to use tool that equips the reps with everything they need to produce timely, professional documents, make concrete progress in the sales process and close the business on any smart device.

You can’t carry around all your documents, catalog of products and marketing materials with you all the time. Nothing drives sales’ reps more frustrated than the incapacity to make a convincing pitch due to the lack of access to the right documents and information regarding the products or services being demonstrated and sold. Even after receiving an order, the process of sending copies to the customers, the sales manager, the supplier or warehouse, and getting final approvals can eat up a lot of time – sometimes, enough time to make the customers change their minds.

Signder harnesses the power of smartphones and tablets by helping sales’ teams make business deals in the field. With constant access to all documents and customers’ information just a tap away, sales managers will discover that approving documents on the fly is not just easy but enjoyable. Sales reps can create quotes, take orders from customers and complete them right on their smartphones. On top of this, the secure and seamless e-signature feature increases the sales process therefore reducing operating costs significantly.

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